Commenting Policy

I urge my readers to comment on my blog and let me know what I am doing right (and what I am doing wrong).  All comments to Moni’s Ladder are reviewed before they are posted, and are subject to editing or deletion if you violate any of the following these three simple rules:

1.  Please do not clutter the comments section with spam.  This blog has a spam filter in place, and I will personally remove anything that I feel is questionable.  Only post links and comments that are relevant to the post you are commenting on.

2.  This is a family friendly blog, so please keep your comments profanity-free.

3.  Comments that threaten, harass, or bully other users in any way will automatically be deleted and will not be tolerated.  If you cannot stay civil in your comments, then perhaps this isn’t the blog for you.  Violations may result in being permanently banned from this blog.



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