Imagine No Religion

If you believe in God, do you think religions that claim to follow His word disgust him?  Can you imagine He is sitting there up in Heaven, wanting to cry out, “Hey, you’re doing it wrong!”

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There are many denominations within the Christian religion that claim they are the only “true” church.  The Catholic Church, for instance, claims that Jesus Christ established them more than 2,000 years ago and that the Pope is infallible.  (He’s Christ’s right-hand man here on Earth, you know.)  Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve read the Bible lots of times and don’t remember reading anything Christ establishing the Catholic Church or giving it an infallible leader to take care of things until He came back to Earth.   I think the Catholic Church greatly misrepresents Christianity, especially when you consider things like the Inquisition and other monstrosities started by mortals in God’s name.

If you imagine a world with no religion, do you think things would be any different?  If so, how would it differ from a world that has so many of them?  Would we have less crime?  Less mental illness?  Less disease?  Probably not.  It would probably be exactly the same, except we’d have something else to blame a lot of afflictions on.  Don’t you think?

I believe in God as a divine creator who gave all of us free will.  I cannot prove his existence by using anything but anecdotal evidence, so it would be useless for me to try to convince you that he does exist if you don’t want to take my word for it.  And I believe this free will He gave us prompted mortal men to create various religions as a way to worship Him, and claim that God blessed them in some way.  It gives mortals an excuse to judge others even though the Bible expressly prohibits judging other people.

Have you ever noticed how mortal-made churches constantly contradict themselves in their teachings?  Don’t judge others, but you must reject things like homosexuality, interracial marriage, female leadership, and this, that, and what have you.  They’ve even interpreted scripture in such a way that it somehow proves that bigotry is holy…while saying we shouldn’t judge others.  What?  Really?  This type of thing is why I do not go to church.

Doomsday preachers that are predominately popular on the evangelical side of Christianity also get on my nerves.  “Jesus is coming and you are a sinner who will go to Hell for eternity if you do (insert pretty much everything that humanity does on a regular basis here).”  They always talk about the wrath of God and make Him seem to be some sort of spiteful jerk who gets a kick out of torturing people.  Who in their right mind would be tempted to follow Christ after listening to a preacher damn everyone for everything?  Do they think that scaring people into salvation is the only way to get followers?  How bizarre!

I know that I haven’t focused on any religions other than Christianity here today, but that’s because I am most familiar with Christianity and its teachings.  I am sure that there are some pretty bizarre things that go on in other religions of the world, and if you have any information about those, I would certainly appreciate hearing about them!


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