We the People Need To Stop Being So Complacent

How do you like President Obama’s New Year gift to the US?  Doesn’t it give you a warm, fuzzy feeling that, while lounging around in Hawaii, he signed NDAA into law?  Oh, but don’t think he did so because he wanted to.  No, once again, President Hope and Change played the victim.  Obama signed this legislation “with reservations about key provisions in the law…”

He knew it would pass regardless of his signature.  If he vetoed it, Congress would have just overridden it and made it law anyway.  We all knew it would pass, didn’t we?

We are force-fed propaganda by our government; they tell us that they are doing this for our own good, that it will keep America safe from suspected terrorists.  If you dare protest what the government is doing, then by God you will have to pay for it.

And what will “we the people” do now that NDAA is law?  We will sit around, twiddling our thumbs, saying “well, if you don’t do anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about.”  I’m sorry, but we the people need to stop being so complacent.  We need to stop believing that we have nothing to worry about when highly paid elected officials create laws with overwhelming bipartisan support that strip us of our rights.

If Obama had some reservations about this legislation, why did he sign it?  Sure, it was veto-proof, but he could have still stood up and said that he could not support such a law regardless of what both houses of Congress wanted to do with it.  He could have, for once, stood up for the American people.  But lord knows we cannot expect someone who chooses politics as a career to actually stand up for us even though they are supposedly our “representatives”.  My voice certainly isn’t represented when it comes to legislation that ignores the bill of rights.  And you know they are only doing this because they are threatened by people in the Occupy movement on the left, and even the Tea Party on the right.  It affects us all, regardless of what our politics are.  The Patriot Act has done very little to protect us from suspected terrorists, so what makes people think NDAA will?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am mad.  And I know that I will be called a firebagger because I happen to be a person on the left who is critical of Obama.  Do you think I care?  I am a leftist who stands up for human rights this little thing called freedom that Americans are supposed to hold so dear.  My solidarity is with people like Bernie Sanders, people who are willing to stand up for we the people of the United States.  Putting our rights in a choke-hold and saying that it has to be done for our own best interest is not the American way.



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