Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Imagine No Religion

If you believe in God, do you think religions that claim to follow His word disgust him?  Can you imagine He is sitting there up in Heaven, wanting to cry out, “Hey, you’re doing it wrong!” There are many denominations within the Christian religion that claim they are the only “true” church.  The Catholic Church, …

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We the People Need To Stop Being So Complacent

How do you like President Obama’s New Year gift to the US?  Doesn’t it give you a warm, fuzzy feeling that, while lounging around in Hawaii, he signed NDAA into law?  Oh, but don’t think he did so because he wanted to.  No, once again, President Hope and Change played the victim.  Obama signed this …

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Weeping In the New Year

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, 2011 is officially over.  Happy new year to all; may you have a prosperous 2012 full of joy and laughter. Like many people, I have an old habit of weeping in the new year.  As soon as the clock strikes midnight and the first notes of “Auld Lang Syne” …

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